Interesting links

Technical competences
AeroFEM GmbH is the leading Swiss company for structural analysis, FEM, CFD
AeroFEM did all the FEM, CFD and flutter analysis for the 1comet.
Dr. Martin Hepperle`s page. Martin did the basic aerodynamic layout of the 1comet.
Eric and Irena Raymond’s page. Eric, the pioneer of solar flight, served as consultant for our project for extreme light-weight design.
Experience in aircraft repairs and composite prototype manufacturing
Dr. Helmut Quabeck comes from model flying. Interesting, if you have some mathematical background.

A superb tool to check airfoils and wing

Youtube channels
Stefang Langer`s YouTube channel – great!!!!

Interesting technical papers in fluid dynamics and other
Paper by Dr. Martin Hepperle on electric flight. You find more interesting articles on Martins page- see above
by Prof. Dr. Boermans – a good all over resumé of some developments in Delft
by Johannes J. Bosman, Refinement of Glider Aerodynamic Design using CFD -­ when you want to learn more about fuselages
by prof. Dr. Krzysztof Kubrynski – when you want to know what is important for a glider airfoil

L’association française pour le Développement du Planeur Ultra-Léger
Seiten des Deutschen Ultraleichtflugverbandes (DULV) e.V.
Swiss hang gliding and paragliding association
swiss gliding association
swiss experiental aircrafts

LTF-UL 2003, the mayor norm for UL-flight
LTF-L the norm for 120 kg aircrafts
ultralight, part 103
Verordnung Hängegleiter Schweiz
CS22, the main standard applicable for gliders
Lufttüchtigkeitsforderungen für Hängegleiter und Gleitsegel